Great news!!!

Hey peeps,

Been a minute since I’ve talked to you guys and I just realized I never gave you an update on my green smoothie cleanse. Well the results were amazing!!! But that’s not what I came to tell you about today. 

I am proud and thankful to say that after 2 long years we finally sold our condo/rental property!!!! YES, we finally only have 1 mortgage again. Thank you Jesus! You all just don’t know what this means to me, to us, to our family. We will save thousands of dollars not having to worry about the up keep of another property. 

NOW, it’s time to put our Dave Ramsey classes and knowledge into full gear! The hubby and I have set a goal to pay off ALL credit card and student loan debt in 24 months. If we can pay it off quicker then great! Total debt…$47,000.  I know we can do it and I can’t WAIT to go and scream “We’re debt free” on Dave’s show. 

So here we go! $47k in 24 months or less!!! #Dont believe us just watch!! ūüėä

~A pretty penny


Sick and tired of being sick and tired 

(disclaimer – this is a little different than my normal money saving topics…but still good stuff nonetheless)

The time has come…it’s time to start my 10 day green smoothie cleanse!!!! OMG I’m so excited!!! And scared at the same time. I tried a green smoothie by Naked juice about a year ago for the first time and I hated it! I could barely get one sip down. So what makes me think this time will be any different???

Well the difference this time is I am mentally ready. Sometimes you can want to do something or accomplish something in your heart, but you won’t start and you succeed until you are mentally ready to do it. I have had high blood pressure going on 3 years now and me and my hubby have put off having baby #2 for fear of having preeclampsia a second time. Plus I can fit NONE of my clothes anymore…lol.

So ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I’m tired of high blood pressure, tired of being overweight, and tired of being tired! No energy. Breathing hard. Just all around miserable.

Can’t nobody fix it but me. So here goes peeps! ¬†You are my accountability partners. Haha!

Starting Weight – 153 pounds

Blood pressure – 141/94

Energy – None

Hustle & Flow


So some of you may know that I have been shooting and editing videos for a few years now. About 7 years to be exact. I’ve been slowly getting better at it and for the most part it has kind of been a hobby for me. I started off by creating a news broadcast for my church here in Nashville, TN. I set up my own news station and every week me and a group of my friends would shoot and record the church news. It has been a fun little project for me and I really enjoy it.

I decided to venture out and try to improve my video skills about 3 years ago. I started making commercials and short documentaries for my church and some of my friends. And guess what? I love it! I love everything about it. I love finding the best shots and angles when I am videotaping, I love dreaming about how to edit the video and I love the feeling I get when I finish a project.

So then I started thinking why not invest in a talent that I really love. After all, I always hear that if you do a job you love then you will never have to work.

So the quest begins! Time to get my hustle on!  Look out for me in 2015. I will be launching my website and social media sites really soon!!!


make do

¬†Often times we analyze and compare our “needs vs wants.” ¬†Do I really need a new car or do I just want one? Do I really need those new shoes or do I just want them? But how often do we compare our “needs vs make-do’s?” ¬†To “make do” means to manage to get along with the means available.

A few months ago I purchased a new trash can because the lid on my old one broke and it was pushing about 8 years old. So in order to save money I decided to buy a $20 Hefty trash can even though I really wanted a $150 Simple Human one. Well about 2 days after purchase the stupid lid on the cheap one broke. It was defective. I was about to return it to the store and exchange it for another one until I read the reviews online…all of the Hefty ones of that kind all had the same defect. Great! Just great! Why didn’t I read the reviews before purchase? So now I was faced with the decision of “making do” or buying another new trash can because technically I really needed one.

Well we ultimately decided to rig the broke one and just make do. We have now had the $20 cheap trash can for about 4 months and I still hate it. Lol. The point is, sometimes in life you will have things that you really “need” to buy. However if you can make it just a little while longer with your current piece of crap one then stick it out and just make do! In the long run you will be able to save a few bucks and when you really have the extra money you can finally replace it with what you really want!

P.S – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

~A Pretty Penny

Think Smart!

Hi friends! ¬†Been a while since my last money-saving post. ¬†Good news is that I’ve still been saving money and watching where my pennies go. ¬†I have been paying extra on my credit card bills and spending less on shopping. ¬†Yay me! Trust me it hasn’t been easy.

So I saw this quote by Suze Orman pop up on my Facebook news feed and it immediately spoke to me.  If I would have just followed these words of wisdom 5, 7 even 10 years ago my finances would be a WHOLE lot different.  My goal in 2015 and every year after is to Live Below My Means!

Just because I can afford it, doesn’t mean I should buy it!!! ¬†Memorize it, Follow it, LIVE BY IT!


Potty Train in 7 days!

Hey Guys and Happy New Year!

I haven’t posted in a while and today I decided to go in a slightly different direction.

This weekend I shared some exciting news on my Facebook page about my son Ethan. He is potty trained! Yay!!! I am so excited. All of this time me and my hubby have been dreading the day when we would have to potty train. Since we are new parents we really didn’t know what to expect or how to do it. I didn’t read many books or articles on the subject but I did talk with my mom and mother in law on their experience. Then it was just time.

So today I am sharing some tips on what helped us potty train our little man in just 7 days!


Pre-Potty Training – Not sure if that is a word but we will go with it. So before we “officially” started potty training we purchased a potty seat shortly after my son turned 2. We had no intention on diving right into it but we wanted to at least introduce him to it and make him familiar with it. As the months went by we knew we didn’t have the time to really dedicate to potty training and we didn’t want to start and stop, then start and stop again. At his daycare they did start introducing Ethan to the potty at around 28 months but he never was fully potty trained.

Tip #1 – Take a full week off of work to solely dedicate to potty training. This was one of the tips that my mom said she did with me and my brothers. I knew I was going to be off for the Christmas holiday so me and my husband marked our calendars to completely potty train Ethan during Christmas break. ¬†We wasn’t sure if it could be done but we certainly was going to give it 100% effort. All 3 of us stayed in the house all week except for New years eve. The importance of both of us being off was so if one of us needed to leave and run an errand, the other one could stay at home and continue to potty train. This way our son never had to leave the house or break the potty training.

Tip #2 – Get Training underwear. I highly recommend using training underwear when potty training. Pull ups still feel too much like a diaper to them. Training underwear feels soft and just like underwear except with a little extra padding for mistakes. I purchased mine at Target. When we first introduced the training underwear we made a big deal about it. Everything has to be a big deal for them to get excited, lol. So we said “Look Ethan, you have BIG BOY underwear now!!!” He loved it!

Tip #3 РLOTS of Positive Reinforcement РEvery time Ethan uses the potty we make a big celebration about it. Both of us yell in excitement, dance around and tell Ethan how proud we are of him and that he is a BIG BOY!  We kind of look silly, but you should see his face light up. He loves telling us that he DID IT! He used the potty! If one of us is not in the room he will find us just to tell BOTH of his parents that he used the potty. Lol.

Tip #4 – We Scold him when he used the potty on himself – Now I am not talking about spanking or yelling in anger. But whenever he would deliberately use the bathroom in his underwear instead of going to the potty, we would FIRMLY tell him that he made a mistake and that he is not supposed to potty on himself. We would tell him we are disappointed in him for not going to the potty. Just talking to him and letting him know what he did was wrong helped him tremendously. He did not like the tone of our voice and he would miss the celebration/party dance for good behavior. After about 3 or 4 accidents he was determined not to potty on himself.

Tip #5 – Go to the potty every hour – Our first few days of potty training we would take Ethan to use the potty EVERY hour whether he had to use it or not. Funny thing is each and every time he did have to use it. Crazy! This helped get him in the habit of always going to the potty.

Last Tip РGive your little one a toy when they have to do #2 РIn order to get Ethan to sit still and stay on the potty whenever he had to do #2 we would give him a toy or his tablet to play with and distract him.  It helped every time.

After a full week of non-stop potty training Ethan completely shocked us. He started telling us when he had to go to the potty instead of us asking him. NOW he just goes on his own without even telling us like he is grown! Then all of a sudden we will hear him yell from the bathroom…”Mommy/Daddy I Pottied!” LOL.


Saving Money!!!

So I just had to share with you two great deals that I got this month from Groupon. ¬†Both were items that I “needed” not wanted and I had been shopping around for the best price for a couple of months.

Since I started focusing more on saving money I am not as quick to buy something on impulse.  My general rule now is that if what I want or need costs over $100 then I wait, shop around and think long and hard about the purchase before I buy.  This month I was able to put that rule into action.

First I had been looking for a new blood pressure machine for months. ¬†I have high blood pressure and I purchased a cheap machine last year because I figured all bp machines were created equal. ¬†Well…recently my doctor said that he thinks my bp machine is a little off with its readings and suggested I purchase a more “expensive” one. ¬†Of course I immediately thought to myself…NO I am just going to keep using the one I got. ¬†But who wants to play around with their health. ¬†So I started searching for a better machine. ¬†All of the “better” ones start at $100. ¬†I tried calling my healthcare/insurance provider but unfortunately they did not offer coverage for a bp machine. ¬†So I waited and waited and I eventually ran across an amazing deal on Groupon! ¬†A digital blood pressure monitor that fits around your wrist for only $24!! 75% off of the original price of $100! ¬†OMG! I couldn’t believe I was able to get this amazing deal.

The second item that I had been looking for for a while was protective case for my iPad Mini. ¬†I actually purchased it for my son about a month or so ago because he loves tablets. ¬†He has a lot of learning apps on it and its perfect for him at this age. ¬†Since he is a toddler I am super careful with it and I don’t let him take it everywhere. ¬†I had been looking for a durable case for it and most of them cost around $100. ¬†I was undecided between an Otterbox or a Lifeproof case. ¬†WELL…was just browsing around on Groupon this week and guess what I came across??? An awesome deal on a Lifeproof case!! ¬†YES regular $119 but on sale for 67% off for a price of $39. ¬†WOW I couldn’t believe it. ¬†I must be super lucky!

Honestly the whole idea of waiting before I make a big purchase came from my dad.  That was something that he really believed in and taught us to do at a young age.  Unfortunately it took me a while (ok a couple of decades) before I truly put those teachings into practice.

Now I have 2 things that I had been looking for for a while that together cost over $200 and I am getting both for $65!  Now thats a DEAL!